To the Finish Line

Well, that was second to the last day. In my previous post, I had mentioned how fast it felt getting to this point, so I won’t really go into that again. Though, I’d like to reiterate that this course should’ve been at least a month long. Perhaps, as the time goes on, certain changes will be made to the overall structure and execution of the course, and future students will be fortunate enough to get a longer time in crafting their work during Writer’s Retreat.

As far as what I managed to accomplish today… should I confess that I worked on a different “project” instead of my thesis? The thing is that I had already completed (save for the revisions/improvements) my first draft of Act 1 of the story, which consists of 10 chapters (+ the prologue). I thought I could take “a break” from it by working on something else, which was a cover letter for a position that I am after. It’s still writing after all. A change of pace certainly helps in certain cases, and this was no exception. Tomorrow, during the little bit of time that we supposedly have in the morning, I definitely plan on going over the draft and touch up on certain parts of it, which by no means that it’ll be 100% completed. Rather, it’ll be “ready” as a full draft for further revisions down the road. My plan at the moment is completing as much drafting as possible, instead of being hung up on small details which could be saved for later. It’s something that could potentially be efficient in dealing with the inevitable issue of time constraints for the final form of the project. We’ll see how it turns out in the end.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow (as apparently we’ll be having a potluck!).

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