Proceeding as Planned

I’m happy to say that today was one of the productive days. I was able to finish up a good portion of the story that (once again) bridged the gap between two other sections in it. I’m just about to complete the entirety of the first act, so everything is on track as I had hoped. A few final touch-ups/revisions/polishing and I’ll be able to share it for a full feedback. I’m hoping that the story is as good as I had imagined, and believe it is. I was also able to get confirmation on some of the word choices that were bothering me for some time (big thanks to Kelli). Unless I’ve overlooked something else, everything should be in top shape before the Writer’s Retreat is over. Speaking of which, the duration of this course really felt short. I knew that it would feel short even before we started, but now that we’re almost at the end, it feels as if the whole course occurred in the blink of an eye (though we still have two more days). Fortunately, I was able to get crucial aspects of my story done, so at least there is that. I’m looking forward to the next Author’s Chair session on Thursday as it will be probably the last time getting an audience feedback on the project.

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