A Casual Day of Writing and “Field Trip”

Well, I’m sad to say that today’s writing process has been pretty slow. I guess it’s just one of those days when the inspiration only comes in small doses. Then again, I was able to write four paragraphs that did fill a gap that needed to be taken care of. There was sill some progress that was made, so the day was not all in vain. Reading the first chapter of the story out loud in Writer’s Chair the other day was quite the experience. I had never read something I had written out loud before, let alone in front of a live audience. Witnessing an immediate reaction was extremely helpful in confirming or dispelling certain aspects. The overall positive reaction was also very encouraging. Now that I have another chapter fully complete, with all the gaps filled, I might take another crack at it should the opportunity presents itself before the course ends.

The little “field trip” that we had by the end of the day was simply amazing. I had a chance to see the house from outside beforehand but I had never been able to go inside. This was a great opportunity to witness a true “relic” of the past. The house had way too many things to examine up close but due to the limited amount of time, I only managed to take a few pictures to look at for later. Apparently, we’ll be visiting the house again next week. So, I’m looking forward to it, especially getting a chance to look at the library. Being immersed in writing process in a unique setting was also quite interesting and oddly motivating.

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