Another Step Closer

It’s the second day!

As I had expected, today’s class was much more productive. During yesterday’s class, I feel the unintentional time constraint served as a bit of a hindrance in getting to that goal. Since most of the introductions are out of the way, there was more time available to develop ideas and concepts to further the story.

My plan for the day was going back to the transitional parts that I had previously mentioned (see the “professional” diagram below), which were missing from the story and were essential in establishing a coherent structure within it. I was hoping to create and finish at least one of these parts by the end of the day, and luckily I managed to that. I now have an organized and consistent two-chapter opening. The remaining days of Writer’s Retreat are going to be dedicated to connecting the rest of the pieces to this foundation. By the end, I should have the entirety of Act 1 in an easy-to-follow (near coherent) state.

(This would make total sense if you knew the story, but just go along for now.)

As far as what I specifically wrote down today, I can tell you that it involved very dialogue-heavy scenes, which are honestly my favorite parts of any story that I work on. I guess being a former ESL/EFL teacher, the communication aspect is extremely appealing to me. Since I have not yet utilized the Creative Commons app(?) on this blog, I do not intend on sharing any portions of the said writing process. If I may be honest, I’m not quite sure that I actually intend on sharing any of the writing process (unless absolutely required) even after utilizing that app. I tend to be paranoid sometimes. Well, we’ll see.

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