A Pursuit of Relief and Encouragement

The first day of Writer’s Retreat course!

Although it felt more of a settling-in type of class today, it was a productive start nonetheless. One of my biggest issues when it comes to writing is the amount of distractions that derail my overall progress. The time is truly an essence. My expectation for this course, above all else, was finding a setting in which I could not only be able further my project but also feel inspired by those around me. I can safely say that my expectation has been met. The serene atmosphere, disturbed only by the clicks of keyboards or scratching of pens on paper, was the perfect environment that made me feel motivated.

The little bit of progress that I managed to make could be summed up by “taking a first step” at best. I tend to write in a haphazard manner, which is basically write whatever comes to mind even though that particular part or section of the story might not necessarily follow the previous one in a coherent manner. I need transitions to carryout the story in a way that someone else who has an interest in reading it understands. This certain aspect, at times, feels as a mere work rather than a creative process. Hence, I tend to ignore it when I manage to get free time. Being immersed in this particular type of environment actually allowed me to discover what I needed. I managed to create my first transitional part. As I’ve said, it was brief but still productive.

My main objective in Writer’s Retreat course is establishing a proper groundwork for my upcoming thesis project. I believe that this particular course will indeed be a beneficial and efficient way to lay that groundwork down. I’m looking forward to the rest of the course, for sure.

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